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Shriram Life Insurance Plans

Shriram Life with Pan India presence of over 311 branches, trusted by 10 lac customers with 52,00,000 - Lives Covered (Including Group) and more than 5250 well trained advisors.

Shriram Life Insurance, made profits in the first three consecutive years - becoming the only private life insurer to have achieved the distinction. Compared to industry peers after 7 years of operation, Shriram Life insurance was the most profitable life insurance company in the country. The company’s performance stands out in efficient use of capital and low cost of operations. In line with group philosophy, Shriram Life has significantly focussed on Inclusive growth by taking life insurance to the section where it is needed the most – The ‘AAM AADMI’ (Common Man). The Founders have always maintained a firm focus in the rural market since they put their first step in 1974 towards building the group.

The standing committee of Parliament on Insurance, Headed by Honourable member of Rajya-Sabha Dr. Maya Singh has applauded Shriram Life’s sincerity towards business through socially weaker segment and policies sold in rural areas. Shriram Life generates more than 40% of its business through the segment, again a confirmation of the business model. The company also has an outstanding Underwriting Record; Underwriting Profits have emerged every year without a break. Shriram Life was awarded the best “Underwriting Initiative of the Year” at ‘Stars of the Industry awards by 94.3 My FM’ for innovation in relaxing the underwriting standards to suit the customer base. The Company is poised to make further growth and achieve bigger milestones in the years to come.

NAV as on 17-Oct-2014

Accelerator:17.2658  Balancer:13.9233  Conservator:18.2295  Conservator Gold:14.6029  Conservator Platinum Fund:14.5649  Defender:14.2159  Discontinued POLICY FUND:12.4421  GROUP ELEVATOR:10.2145  GROUP PROTECTOR:10.9514  Guardian:21.0211  GUARDIAN PLUS:14.4736  GUARDIAN SHIELD:12.8752  Maximus:21.5947  Maximus Gold:16.9045  MAXIMUS PLUS:15.4042  Preserver:13.8862  Protector:15.8107  Secure Plus:14.0069  Tyaseer fund:14.8694  Wealth Creator:12.9616 

Why Shriram Life?

311 - Branches of Shriram Life
52,00,000 - Lives Covered (Including Group)
2450 Crores - Individual New Business Premium
437 Crores - Premium on Group Policies

5253 - Agents of Shriram Life
10,00,000 - Individual Life Policies Issued
1851 Crores - Assets Under Management

What Our Customers Say!

  • I paid a small amount for my premium with Shriram Life, but in the end I was paid back 100 times more in service during a time when my world was turned upside down. They only cared about one thing. Me. I never felt I was dealing with customer service, I felt like I was dealing with 'human' service. # Rajesh Kumar Yadav
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