Shriram Life Individual Protection Plans

Shriram Life Smart Protection Plan

We share memorable moments with our family and our loved ones. We work hard to ensure that we provide them with the best. While we enjoy and cherish those moments we also need to ensure that we have secured our family from the uncertainties of life. To meet such needs Shriram Life presents Smart Protection Plan (UIN: 128N069V02).

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Shriram Life Cash Back Term

Shriram Life Cash Back Term Plan (UIN: 128N045V02) is an affordable, easy-to-obtain financial security net for you and your loved ones. It has a lump sum payout in case of unfortunate death helping your family reduce their debts thereby protecting their financial security.

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Shriram Life Family Protection

Shriram Life Family Protection Plan is a non-linked non-participating insurance plan. This plan caters to the needs of people who want to protect their families in case of untimely death.

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