NRI Zone

We have variety of products for NRI (Non Resident Indians) & PIO (Person of Indian Origin) Customers. Our products are designed considering the needs at various life stages.

Plans available for NRIs & PIOs:

Shriram Life Assured Advantage
Shriram New Shri Life
New Shri Vidya
New Shri Vivah
Shriram New Shri Raksha
Shriram Life Assured Income Plus
Shriram New Akshay Nidhi Plan
Shriram Secure Investment Plan
Shriram Ujjwal Life
Shriram Ujjwal Life – SP
Shriram Fortune Builder
Shriram Life Wealth Plus
Shriram Assured Income Plan

Immediate Annuity Plus

Shriram Life Pension Plus
Immediate Annuity Plus

New Shri Vivah

Shriram Life Growth Plus
Shriram Ujjwal Life
Shriram Ujjwal Life – SP
Shriram Fortune Builder
Shriram Life Wealth Plus

New Shri Vidya
New Shri Vivah

NRI & PIO Guidelines:

We have furnished below the important features & guidelines applicable for NRIs & PIOs.

NRI is an Indian Citizen living temporarily in another country of his/her present residence and needs to have valid passport issued by Indian government

Person holding green card is a person of Indian Origin and cannot be classified as NRI. For this category below mentioned proofs need to be provided

  • PIO card / OCI card / passport showing place of birth as India / Spouse passport showing place of birth in India along with document to establish relation to Parents or grandparents passport showing place of birth in India along with document to establish relation.

Cover can be granted to both NRI and PIO basis below mentioned

  • Proposal is made during their stay in India
  • Proposal is made outside India (Mail order business)

No Term Plans or Critical Illness Riders would be granted to NRI/PIO. All other plans and riders can be granted

All policy transactions needs to be done in Indian Rupees (RS) only. Insured needs to have an Indian bank account and Indian address.

NRIs can be allowed cover during their visit to India where all the formalities needs to be completed. NRI can also take insurance cover when he/she is residing in other country provided the country is acceptable as per then prevailing conditions, as specified by Underwriting team.

Life to be assured (LA) should provide proof of employment to get insurance cover.

Profiles like carpenters, plumbers, daily wage earning, house maids, construction workers, laborers, people with irregular income, etc cannot be offered cover.

Documents required for NRI/PIO (along with Proposal form)

  • Recent passport size colour photograph
  • ID proof
  • Address proof in India
  • Complete passport copy with all entities (signed by customer in all pages)
  • Standard Income proof (incase income proof is required as per regular guidelines)
  • Employment proof (for housewives – spouse proofs to be taken for housewife, for minor – parents proof to be taken)
  • NRI Questionnaire

Mail Order Business (Proposal is made outside India) Guidelines

Minimum and Maximum Sum Assured for mail order business is 2 Lakhs and 50 Lakhs

For proposals signed outside India (Mail order business), witness is mandatory as mentioned below;

Proposal form has to be completely filled in Insured’s handwriting and needs to be witnessed after verification of the proposer. Below mentioned can witness the proposal form:

  • Designated Local Indian Embassy representative/Indian diplomatic representative
  • Notary Public or Justice of peace
  • Medical Examiner
  • Authorized signatory of insured’s employer (only if belongs to a reputed firm)
  • For students, the principal or dean of the college where he/she is studying can witness
  • Witness must affix his clear seal below the signature
  • Photocopy of the passport’s first page must also be witnessed by same person and provided with proposal form
  • Medical examination should be done by a qualified medical examiner and medical expenses should be borne by the insured. Medical examination format should be in the Shriram Life format only
  • Only employees of reputed commercial firms, students going for higher studies or professionals such as doctors, teachers, lawyers, etc can be allowed through mail order

Documents required for Mail Order Business

  • Proof of occupation, income proof / student ID card & admission letter from university/college in case of students
  • NRE/NRO account
  • Recent passport size colour photograph
  • ID proof
  • Address proof of India
  • Complete Indian passport copy with all entities (Customer signed on all pages)
  • NRI Questionnaire

Minor lives Guidelines

PIO/NRI Minor lives cannot be insured through mail order business. Instead, Parents can be offered cover. In case grandparents want to provide as gift then the amount has to be transferred into NRO account of Insured and the minor can be made a nominee of the policy.

For all your queries and clarifications, we are available at the below mentioned contact details

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